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A Dental Crown After Root Canal

Before dental technology even existed, when suffering from mouth pain, tooth extraction treatment was the only option. Now, there are more improved treatments that helps to preserve positive oral health. Treatments such as a root canal and a dental crown help to preserve your natural tooth.  When a root canal is completed, a crown can be applied for further protection. Root canal therapy is required when the dental pulp becomes infected. The nerve becomes affected leading to a sensitive feeling when eating. When cleaning the pulp out, the hole in the inner tooth is made and all debris surrounding it is cleaned. When this happens, a dentist will fill the hole with a dental filling, or sometimes a crown.

Why is it a good idea to get a dental crown after root canal treatment?  Whilst a root canal preserves the content of the remaining tooth, a root canal can still become weak if not looked after. The root canal procedure reduces the healthy tissue and can become weak through chewing and excessive grinding. If a crown is considered, it protects the root canal weakening.

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Benefits of A Crown After Root Canal

Although a root canal preserves the natural teeth, it doesn’t mean its protected from any wear-and-tear down the line. Here are some benefits you can enjoy if a dental crown is placed around the root canal.

  1. Protection From Discoloration – Excessive tooth decay or excessive consumption of dark foods and beverages can lead to stubborn stains on the root canal. Applying a dental crown will protect the root canal from discoloration.
  2. Protection From Sensitivity – Sensitivity in the affected tooth is expected to be felt. When the pulp is removed from the root of the tooth, sensitivity from heatc or old pressure and acidic foods it still likely to be felt. When applying a dental crown, you’ll experience less sensitivity.
  3. Protects From Future Infections – If a root canal has been applied more than once on a certain tooth, it heightens the chances of infection due to tooth decay. Applying a crown around the root canal will protect the tooth from any future infections.
  4. Protects The Fragile Tooth – A tooth that is protected by a root canal doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re protected from future cavity or infection. With a durable dental crown, the tooth can be further protected, making the root canal long-lasting for years.

Dental implant or root canal treatment

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The dentist is best placed to recommend whether a dental crown is required. However, it is a worthwhile investment to ensure your root canal lasts for longer. A minor dental accident can lead to major implications to the root canal, leading to decay and expensive treatment. A dental crown is a protective layer to keep your root canal in place and preserve the health of the tooth.

If you’re a root canal patient and are considering a dental crown? Contact us at Kooringal Dental in Wagga Wagga now and let our specialist dental team go further to preserving the long-term health of your tooth. Contact us now and book your appointment.


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